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How to Win at Bingo Slot Machines

Filed under: Latest News at May 31st, 2011

Many slot lovers and casino fans are always pondering upon this question and thousands would simply love to know how to win on bingo slot machines. In reality, though, there isn’t actually a sure fire way to guarantee winning on a slot machine, but there are certain things you can do that can maybe give you a better chance of winning on a slot game and they are all very simple steps that you can take.

Choose wisely:
When it comes to choosing a slot game, you may just go for the one that looks the most entertaining, the one that catches your eye, the one with a quirky name, or the one with the biggest prizes. However, many have a theory that certain slot games pay out more than others and when it comes to which pays more, it usually boils down to which game is the most popular and which game is played more, therefore, which game has the most money ploughed into it by bingo slot fans. For example, when you go onto your favourite online bingo site, you’ll sometimes see the ‘featured’ slot games within the side game section. Usually, because the game is so easy to be eye catching and so easily launched as it is largely in eye shot, the game would have a myriad of traffic, meaning more bingo players probably play it, meaning more cash is given to the slot machine. The theory is then that because lots has been spent on it, the slot game has more to give away! This isn’t a proven theory but it is one many play by and sometimes even swear by, and players that follow this theory prefer to play ‘featured’ and popular bingo slots over slots that aren’t advertised at all and have maybe been a resident at the site for many years.

Manage your money:
The more you spin, the more you’re likely to see at least one winning spin, so the trick is to manage your money so that you get the most rewarding spins out of your balance.
If you have deposited £5 and that is all your bank balance and monthly budget will allow, the trick is to make that £5 last and not to spend it all at once with large, rich spins. For example, if you used your £5 to have two £2.50 spins on your favourite bingo slot, the odds of getting a large win from just a mere two spins are very low. However, if you were to drop the spin bet to 25p a spin, you would get a massive twenty spins out of your £5 deposit, and the odds of getting a winning spin out of twenty are much larger!
Many are put off by lower stakes because lower stakes can mean lower pay out, but remember, you can always up your stake when you’ve managed to up your balance!

Go where the money is:
If you are wondering how to win big on bingo slot machines, then it certainly is worth making sure that you are visiting the higher paying slot games. When choosing a bingo slot machine, look out for those that house their own bingo jackpots, especially those of a progressive variety, as usually, those are the slots with the larger pay outs! Although this isn’t exactly a skill of “how to win”, what this option does is guarantee you a gigantic, life changing win if you manage to spin the top winning combination. If you’re going to win a jackpot prize, you may as well make it one to remember and one that tops the charts.

There are no sure fire ways to guarantee a win on a bingo slot game, but by remembering a few tips, you’ll be able to enjoy your online bingo experience to the fullest and give yourself the best chance at scooping a prize. Be sure to stick to your budget so you get a large amount of spins out of your one deposit, make sure you play bingo slot machines that come with rewarding and worthwhile prizes and choose a slot that is not only popular, but also one that suits your tastes. By following just a couple of these steps, you could be half way to learning how to win at bingo slot machines.